Pulled by the string of his chords, I wandered through the tunnel and into the crowds walking by with no purpose or awareness of the beauty reverberating on the walls around them. Entranced, I stopped 20 yards away, leaning casually against the opposite wall. He looked up, made eye contact with me, and smiled. The downbeat […]

5-years-old, she whimpers at night, wishing her momma didn’t turn out the lights. No matter how many times she checks under the bed, those monsters keep taunting her inside her head. He walks down the hall, 16-years-cool. His shoes and and his strut cover as costume. But deep down inside, he fears stripping the mask […]

Hope. The moment it bursts into form it meticulously devours the soul, brandishes control, leaves behind a hole. Hope. Circumstance grants it favor, but in another it leads to failure— memories of moments safer. Hope. Moments likely misunderstood— a crushing realization—is it all misunderstood? Hope. I don’t know. Hope, Let me let go. (Written March 30, 2017)

Failure. That word has more or less defined my last 3 and 1/2 years. Before you argue with me and throw out some kind of motivational words about how I’m “not defined by my failure” and “we all make mistakes”—no really, I failed. A lot. To be fair, failure comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes […]

That moment slips through my hands as the brashly plucked grass glides to the ground its beauty has passed, That moment— of passion and thought runs away, like the thief in the night That moment— the longer it passes the further it dances from my grip Oh I need to get a grip That moment— […]

A few months ago, I was watching the Super Bowl (read: watching the Super Bowl commercials) when that Audi commercial aired. I was almost in tears. As I was doing that fast-blink, look-up-at-the-ceiling thing to discreetly try to hide the fact that I was emotionally moved by a commercial, a friend next to me said something to the extent […]

Did you notice when I cried? No. More than the cognitive, the registering of change, noticing the logic in front of your face. No—emotional concern that eats at your gut, that spews from your words, so thick that its more than why, but the try. Why I still try… They warned of the hurt, when […]